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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

Call of Duty : Advanced Warefare

Today we will see what’s new in the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC game, this is a new game added to the series after yet another call of duty and a massively disappointing game from infinity ward call of duty ghosts. I had very little reason to look forward to advanced warfare especially considering the only work that series, newcomers sledgehammer games had done in the past was on an infinity war installment modern warfare 3.

however, it turns out that this year’s Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is not only a fantastic addition to the series but it also presents some hope revitalizing what is quickly becoming a rather stale franchise. like many current and upcoming shooters games, advanced warfare is set in the future in this case about 40 years from now. the primary focus of the game’s story is on a private military contractor called Atlas, at the way forward led by a man named Jonathan irons, Mr. irons are both voiced and visually portrayed by Kevin Spacey who apparently even had the final say on how he would look spacey is very much in his element, As the warmongering irons but while his excellent performance elevates the game storytelling.

the story it’s being used to tell is still about what we’ve come to expect from a call of duty game an engaging if somewhat generic war story that plays out exactly as you would expect it to somewhere on the level of a summer blockbuster. however generic the game’s story might be it’s your touristic setting gives the player greatly enhanced mobility in both single-player and multiplayer. In the game’s universe, every soldier wears an exoskeleton that grants them a number of skills including the ability to slow down time and move through the air using small jet boosters.

Call of Duty Advanced warfare makes verticality and speed key elements of its formula no matter what mode you’re playing in, in single-player these elements are often criminally underused to the point where I rarely remembered, that I even had these abilities unless I was explicitly reminded by on-screen prompts. But in multiplayer the jump Jets have become a key element of the gameplay while they take a little while to master the ability to quickly dodge from side to side or attack your enemy from above at any time has injected a welcome dose of variety into the Call of Duty multiplayer formula. many multiplayer maps are also built with these new abilities in mind incorporating verticality in a way that allows the player to easily transition between multiple levels through glass or holes.

The environment of each level in this call of duty game also provides ample spots for layers to shoot at each other, meaning that there are countless encounters happening on almost every level of the map at any one time. but while the most important force in advanced warfare is the change that the new exosuit abilities have brought to the experience the multiplayer, also benefits from some elements that pertain to previous Call of Duty entries particularly.

when it comes to loadout creation advanced warfare has more or less directly lifted the pick 10 system from black ops 2, making some small but very important changes in the process the system now lets you pick 13 different items and also allows you to remove scorestreaks. Giving you even more flexibility than before and therefore allowing for a very high degree of customizability in fact loadouts and advanced warfare is so customizable that you can even make modifications to scorestreaks. adding new features to them while simultaneously increasing their cost advanced warfare also borrows from call of duty ghosts though thankfully not in any gameplay capacity instead.

the game has chosen to expand on the player character customization that ghosts introduced advanced warfare the player can receive, which basically amounts to loot drops in the form of chests that are mostly received in the midst of a multiplayer match, these chests primarily contain clothing for the player’s character to wear as well as some badly and permanently customized weaponry.

Well, I never found this thing appealing enough to actually use the clothing is all over the place aesthetically and I quickly change my goal from looking as cool as possible. to simply looking like the biggest douche imaginable which I found much easier to do however the most annoying thing about these chests are the helmets that often drop instead of staying in our inventory forever. they only last for a certain number of minutes and then disappear permanently, honestly I found the inventory system a rather pointless addition and one that I plan to mostly ignore for this game’s lifespan, with advanced warfare sledgehammer games has done something I would have thought impossible after Call of Duty ghosts they seemingly breathed new life into a dying franchise.

while the true measure will of course be sales numbers, at least for active incorporate the changes that have been made throughout the game to the traditional formula have given me hope. the Syria still has some life left in it don’t get me wrong this is still very much a call duty game and people who have never liked call of duty games are not going to like this one but if you’re one of those people that’s been pushed away by recent entries in the series, I implore you to at least gave advanced warfare or shine.

This game is available on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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