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Far Cry 5 Game Review

Hello, digigameworld.com is here again with another review of another game known as “Far Cry 5”. In this article/blog I want to share my views on some of the upgrades to the Far Cry franchise that in my eyes makes this game the best Far Cry title yet, so let’s get started.

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Since Far Cry primal took a significant step away from the rest of the series in terms of the style of the game and Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 2 are by now so old that any comparison would be unfair. I will be comparing Far Cry 5 mainly to Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 and right out of the gates there is a massive improvement in Far Cry 5 that is quite simply game-changing. If you’d asked me some years ago what would be the number one thing you would like to see improved in Far Cry 3 or even Far Cry 4, I would have answered the shooting. 

Previous Far Cry titles are always used to detect hits using the hit scan method so your bullets instantly hit whatever you’re aiming at as soon as you hit the fire button. While this method can work for games that play out at extremely short ranges like for instance, Rainbow six siege I don’t like it in an open world add to this the fact that combat distances were artificially limited by having bullets simply disappear in midair. 

If you were too far away from your target and you ended up with gunplay that was so limited that it became kind of immersion-breaking but good news everyone, with Far Cry 5 Ubisoft have finally implemented ballistic modeling and now every gun will shoot simulated bullets that come with a certain muzzle velocity and experience air resistance and gravitational drop.  For the first time, it is possible to have longer range gunfights and the added challenge of hanging to lead a moving target at range and compensate for bullet drop makes every hit infinitely more satisfying.

I’m kind of surprised that not more people are applauding this subtle yet hugely significant update, if this was the only change compared to previous games I would already be satisfied. but it doesn’t stop there one of the concerns that many people raised during Gameplay or live streams was around the performance problems that specifically Far Cry 4 had had especially on PC. Now keep in mind that I have a relatively Strong PC but I can say that for me far cry 5 runs like an absolute dream. I have all the graphics settings ramped up to the highest possible setting at a resolution of 1440 P and I’m still getting between 93 and 96 FPS. While in-game for a predominantly single-player game that is all I could ask for and more and one of speaking of graphics performance, I have to add that the game looks gorgeous simply trekking through the Montana countryside hunting and fishing is an absolute joy for me.

I can play this game for hours at a time without doing a single-story mission over to my next point. Far Cry 4 had specific missions where you fought alongside NPC companions and maybe Far Cry 3 had something like that in a limited form as well. I don’t even remember at this stage but Far Cry 5 again takes what came before and ramps it up another notch you can unlock a total of nine hero companions, plus three generic civilian NPCs to fight alongside you and each one comes with two specific skills that can help you in your quest, a simple yet effective command system allows you to control these companions. One of the best features of having some support is that when you mess up and get downed whether it’s through enemy fire or from opening your parachute a little bit too late your companions will do their best to come and revive you.

Far Cry 4 set a precedent by allowing two-player co-op for side quests and number five again takes this one step further by allowing you to also play the main missions with a friend whether you end up coordinating with your friends to execute badass synchronized shots or many takedowns, or you go in all guns blazing playing with two players makes this game easily twice as fun the only downside. Here is that while the second player can still earn cash and perk points to progress their character any progress in the main or even the side missions will only count for the host. The previous skill tree-style progression system has been replaced with an extensive perk point system, and you can gain these points by completing story missions, side quests, finding them in the world, or completing challenges.

The excellent hand-to-hand combat climbing parachuting and wingsuit mechanics are all still present as unlockable perks, and allow you to take your character from a regular fragile squishy person to an over-the-top superhero. As you progress through the game and beyond these major changes the game comes with a whole host of subtle little upgrades, that I personally really appreciate. 

Many players may not even notice that in the previous games, shooting animals was very easy. They simply took varying levels of damage depending on head or body shots, and once you did enough damage, they would simply fall over. Now animals will react completely differently to clean heart and lung shots as you can see deer, for instance, will exhibit a very characteristic jump and kick reaction when shot through the heart, and if you follow them up you will find relatively realistic blood trails and eventually, the animal will run out of steam and go unconscious. Those of you who have played dedicating hunting Sims or even hunt in real life will recognize and appreciate these little behaviors and I have to say that I’m overall impressed with the level of care that was taken over portraying the natural behaviors of the wildlife.

In my opinion, I guess the story of the game is also worth mentioning but I have only played through part of it so far what I can say until now is that I’m satisfied with the setting, and the split between the three different main regions. I’ve seen some people complain that the game doesn’t do enough to provide commentary on current social issues in America, but I don’t get that argument I believe that the game is quite vague about the fictional cults that you’re fighting on purpose. To avoid offending, and I don’t mind that it’s almost eight damned if you do damn if you don’t care where people were pre-emptively offended, pre-launched, but now that the game is out game critics seem disappointed that it’s not offensive enough I guess.

You can’t please everyone but for me as far as I’ve played up until now the story is providing a perfectly suitable backdrop and counterpoint to the silly over-the-top fund that lies at the core of the game, so the bottom line for me is that as a big fan of the Far Cry series Far Cry 5 is the best one yet. I appreciate all of the little details like in natural animal behaviors beautiful scenery and neat world discovery mechanics but most importantly of all switching from a limited hitscan shooting mechanic, to ballistics modeling, and increasing the range for all of the different types of weapons as in my eyes made this game a pure joy to experience.

Have you had a chance to dive into Hope County yet, what are your thoughts on the game so far, and are there any improvements I forgot to list let me know in the comments section below, and with that, thanks for reading this article/blog, If you like this blog or article please comment down below.

You can enjoy Far Cry 5 on PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4 (PlayStation 4), Xbox One.

Thank you.

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