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Grand Theft Auto V Game Review

GTA V Review 2021 digigameworld.com
GTA V Review 2021 digigameworld.com

Grand Theft auto V has been a wonderful game so far, so today digigameworld.com brings you another game review, it’s a very popular game and quite old but not old enough, instead, it is an amazing game to enjoy. We are going to review Grand Theft Auto V in short GTA V in this article/blog.

Introduction to Grand Theft Auto V Game

I know I am kind of late, if not actually too late, to review this amazing game, but still, I am here with my version of views about this fabulous game. Grand Theft Auto V is an open-world game with an amazing storyline, and it is still a masterpiece in 2021. With its detailed graphics quality and precise mapping of a real-life city, it is the best interpretation of the real world in a video game.

As compared to its previous version GTA IV, GTA V does pretty well in all aspects, such as graphics, handling mechanics, details of each character, real-life city mapping, firearm mechanics, car driving mechanics, and so on.

Quick History

Grand Theft Auto is an action-packed open-world game. it is the fifth entry or installment of the Grand Theft Auto series after Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto V is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2013. GTA V is also ranked in the top 10 best open-world video games ever made, which is again another milestone for Rockstar Games’ history.

GTA V Storyline

The storyline starts with a bank robbery, where the three main protagonists of the game are part of the robber’s crew. The three main protagonists in the game are Michael De Santa, a retired bank robber, Franklin Clinton, a street gangster, and Trevor Philips, a drug dealer and arms smuggler. All of them form a team and try to commit heists, under pressure from a corrupt government agency and other powerful criminals. This open-world game allows you to roam around freely and do anything, anywhere. There is a fictional city in the game named Los Santos which is actually a Digital replica of a real-life city of Los Angeles.

Grand Theft Auto V Review

First thing first, The Rockstar Games came up with a masterpiece after a long time. This game will not disappoint the majority of PC or other console gamers in any way. But still, if you want to experience the real fun and adventure of Grand Theft Auto V then I recommend playing this game on PC. This game is perfectly optimized for PC users and gives an amazing experience in terms of graphics and handling, making GTA V the ultimate version of one of the greatest games in the history of the GTA series and in the open-world game category.

Ok then let’s start, I’ll try to explain the entire plot of the GTA V Game, it all started nine years ago, and right now we are introduced to three characters Michael, Trevor, and franklin who are involved in a heist and they’ve got hostages. they’re doing everything right, they’re getting postures, they’re frightening them, they’re beating them up, and putting them into tiny little rooms so they’re doing quite well for themselves.

Then slowly but surely everything goes worst, first thing that goes wrong is about on the way out of the vault Michael gets a gun pointed at his head which is never good. And later on in the plot when suddenly this guy shows up and kills Brad and yes Trevor immediately says someone must have cheated. because the police knew where they were, and the helicopter wasn’t there so they got the idea but someone must have spilled the beans to the police.

that’s kind of what happened in that the whole thing was set up right from the start and can you guess who did it, yes Michael the guy on the ground who just got shot was the guy who set the entire thing up. He wanted to make sure his family gets out clean and so he made a deal with a guy called Dave Norton. The deal was that in return for day furthering his career by foiling a heist Michael’s family would be able to move to Los Santos and he will live happily ever after.

Trevor the poor guy has no idea that this was all set up by his best friend Michael. He thinks that Michael has actually died and that Brad was the one who got sent to jail. but exactly the opposite of what happened, it turns out that Michael is alive and Brad is a 1 but is dead, in fact, Brad is being buried in Michael’s place, the tombstone that says Michael here actually contains Brad but Trevor doesn’t know this. so, nine years later Michael and his family are doing extremely well, have a massive house, and are rich. They have a swimming pool; they have a tennis court in the house and for some reason, Michael is unhappy he’s in therapy and his relationship with his wife isn’t going too well.

his wife starts cheating on him with the tennis coach, so Michael chases this tennis coach around Los Santos. Michael fights with the coach and somehow destroys his house, which turns out it wasn’t the tennis coach’s house, in fact, the house belongs to a guy named Martin Madrazo. Martin Madrazo turns out to be a Mexican crime lord or a warlord gang leader, boss, or whatever you want to call it.

Now he’s pissed he’s very pissed off because his house just got trashed by the best guy, so he demands 2.5 million dollars from Michael to repay him, and obviously, Michael does not have 2.5 million dollars even though he’s quite rich. So what does he need to do now, he goes back into a life of crime with his new homie Franklin, this guy yes this guy, Franklin who he’s just met from Franklin scamming him.

so he goes back to his life of crime and with his homie Franklin they pull off a 2.5 million dollar heist. that goes well except for one mistake and that mistake is pointed out by Dave and he informs the big fat mistake Michael just made to his old friend Trevor.  Trevor hears this on the television, and he is shocked, First of all, he doesn’t know what to think. He kind of thinks that Michael is being impersonated by some bastard using Michael’s name. He gets pissed—very pissed—that he killed somebody. In fact, eventually, Trevor tracks Michael down and confronts him.

So this was the plot of the GTA V story. I hope you liked it till here, and I will not spoil the fun for you, There are lots of missions, heists, and a lot to explore in the open world. So play GTA V yourself, enjoy the game, and experience real fun for yourself.

Grand Theft Auto V is available on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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