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Age of Empires 3 Game Review

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Hello, welcome to another blog of digigameworld.com, in this article/blog we are going to review a real-time strategy video game, Known as Age Of Empires 3 aka AOE3. which was once the seventh best-selling game in the world. So let’s start the age of empires 3 game review, what happened a ship filled to the gunnels with explosives it came out of nowhere and there’s more where that came from I am Elizabeth Ramsey surrender your ships to me and I’ll spare your lives (In-Game dialogue). We are Knights of st. John we do not surrender nice fire seems like only yesterday that Age of Empires 2 instantly became one of the all-time best real-time strategy games.

Developer Ensemble Studios came up with Age of Empires 3 in 2005, which was the Successful spin-off, that was Age of Mythology. This new game has some incredibly big shoes to fill and also finds itself in the middle of an extremely competitive category, that Age of Empires 2 helped to create Age of Empires 3. Age of Empires 3 Features a new setting in which eight European nations are fighting to colonize the new world, namely North and South America. it’s also a fully-featured game with some amazing graphics and one particularly noteworthy twist in its home city system.

But the nuts and bolts of the gameplay don’t always fit together, all that great resulting in an experience that in some ways has too much in common with its ancestors and in other ways too little make no mistake though. Age of Empires 3 is really a great example of a real-time strategy game done well, despite the new colonial setting the basic gist of the gameplay. Age of Empires 3 is quite similar to the past games, there are eight different main civilizations to play, you’ve got your usual suspects like the British and the French, and the Spanish and the Dutch, and you’ve also got the Russians and the Portuguese, and the Germans and the Ottomans and they’re all kind of duke.

It out over the new world, in this what-if scenario each side has some key differences in terms of how its economy gets generated and some of the nuances of that as well. as some unique military units and unique upgrades on the gameplay side, the difference is definitely playing differently, and there are some other ways in which you can really customize the way that you play. Such as by allowing different Native American tribes and gaining their resources and things like that as you’d probably expect.

Age of Empires 3 is a fully-featured game that has a lengthy single-player campaign that spans three different acts that trace three different generations of characters. the games also got a scenario editor if you want to make your own maps and stuff. it’s even got some encyclopedic information if you want to learn more about what all these different units and structures and cultures are. there’s a whole lot to do in this game but in some ways, the formula has been simplified from previous installments. 

You no longer have to create drop sites for resources, so you could just send a woodworker to go chop wood, and basically, the guy’s going to stand there and chop wood until he’s out of trees. He doesn’t need to come back to a town center or a lumberyard or anything like that, later on in a match you could build mills and plantations, which generate an infinite source of food and coin, allowing you to pretty much forget about resource gathering when it comes to the point where you’re just focused on building up a big military and trying to crush the other guy.

Conquest is really the only option in this game, previous age of Empire games allowed you to have a wonderful condition, where you built one of the wonders of the world and defended it for long enough. This time around though the only thing you can do is just obliterate the other guy and basically cause mass genocide, so it’s not even like you can just destroy his buildings, you got to kill every last unit, which is actually kind of odd and creates some situations where someone Online can just sneak units away and force a match to go on for longer than it has to.

The thing is for all the build-up in Age of Empires 3, it’s the combat itself that doesn’t necessarily feel quite right so even though you’ve got a lot of cannons and Musketeers this time around instead of swordsman and Trevor Shay’s it still actually feels kind of disturbingly similar to the old games. In the older game where you see your cavalry have to kind of stop and chop it, other guys, rather than kind of crush right through their ranks, and your Musketeers will all kind of fan-out, rather than stand rank-and-file as you’d expect in kind of colonial-era combat. 

When you’re moving units around you’ll notice that they move at the rate of the slowest unit in the group, which looks great when you’re just kind of going from place to place and they’re all kind of rank-and-file and looking good. But some of this kind of stuff is kind of awkward as mentioned one of the game’s really cool new features is the home city. The home city is based on the concept that these are colonies and they’re all kind of being funded by some city off to the side over in Europe, so the way it works in gameplay is at any point you can click over to your home city and at some points, during the game you can send shipments from your home city to reinforce your colony.

it’s tempting to go into Age of Empires 3 expecting too much considering this game’s heritage. but if you’re expecting some kind of revolutionary experience out of this game, you’re not liable to find one here. instead, this is just a great example of a real-time strategy game, done right with a few little kinds of grievances. off to the side, the games got plenty to them to keep you busy for a very long time. and as with the previous Age of Empires games, while it shouldn’t make you start ditching all your history classes, it’s liable to entice you to learn some more about history while you’re playing not a bad way to while away many many hours of your time all things considered.

This game is available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Windows Mobile, N-Gage.

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